Photo: Karandini Shadows by ronjeyrocks

The day starts slow with the drag of a sickly slug on a hot sunny day. It’s wet and rainy outside. The days are finally grey and the island’s ever blue skies now look like a scene from a Scandinavian heavy metal video.

A lazy morning scroll through the streets…

This story first appeared on Nairobi Underground

Kidum of Sarabi performs with Juliani Photo: @ronjeyrocks

Last weekend was interesting. Smoothly in tandem, Friday slid in with a riotous week. I only grasped the idea of public holiday on the eve while planning for a typical busy Friday. Therefore, excited like a juvenile at the candy shop, i made plans not to follow most of the initial plans by creating new ones. I bet it seemed like the world would change overnight and there’d be no one to engage if i didn’t adjust-thanks to my social circles. By the way, this has nothing to do with isolophobia or some kind of social anxiety, nah fam.

This is peer pressure in full measure of adulthood. On a scale of one and the truth, i’m that kid happily playing alone in his room.

Morbid angel

Of death he fantasized.



The land of wonder

While on top you see under

And while under you see yonder


You liar.

You are beautiful and docile like a cat.

Warm like an incubator but strange as fuck.


You ganja.

Your charm is strong and harmless,

Only to tame your guests for another weekend.


There’s propaganda

Stay vigil to retain your soul

But be nice to accommodate one and all

Carrey Francis Ronjey

music, art, media

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